Ichimodajin Hair Cleaner

[About how to use and Pet’s hair length], Lugs, It is difficult to clean up the Pet’s hair loss perfectly even if you use a vacuum cleaner and an adhesive tape, You lightly rub the things you want to clean as you pull it towards you. “Ichimodajin” supports strongly such the cleaning of the Pet’s hair loss, Mats, Please do not use for cleaning clothes because it may hurt them, fabric sofas and so on, It is important to lightly rub it while floating the adhesion surface in the progressing direction, This scoops out the invisible hair and puts it together only have to rub slightly, → ◎, Short hair type, over 0, it is difficult to remove short and thick hair such Dalmatian and pugs. Middle hair type, Blankets, Sometimes, Carpets, Long hair type, Package language is Japanese only. 8~1, Pet’s beds, →△, It’s because the hair loss enters the back of the fiber. Find Ichimodajin Hair Cleaner and more at, as a result it cleans up the living environment of you and your Pet. 8 inches, Car’s seat, less than 0, [Notes], → ◎, over 1, 6 inches, Pet's hair length, 6 inches, [Materials that can be cleaned].

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Ichimodajin Hair Cleaner

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