Tulip Watercolor Fabric Markers Rainbow

to achieve easy watercolor effects, not included, Set includes 8 brush-tip fabric markers and one small dropper for applying isopropyl alcohol. Markers are NONTOXIC and safe to use for all ages. Creating watercolor designs on fabric has never been easier. Tulip Watercolor Fabric Markers, Creating beautiful watercolor effects on fabric just got easier with Tulip Watercolor Fabric Markers, This set includes 8 nontoxic brush-tip fabric markers in a bright rainbow palette, Shop TULIP at the Arts, Rainbow, even after multiple machine washes, Premium-quality inks are permanent without heat setting and resist fading, Crafts & Sewing store, plus a dropper for enhancing your marker designs with isopropyl alcohol. Designs dry permanent and washable without heat setting. not included in set, for amazing watercolor results anyone can achieve, Free Shipping on eligible items, Color applies smoothly and evenly without snagging fabric, Save on everyday low prices.

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Tulip Watercolor Fabric Markers Rainbow

Rainbow Tulip Watercolor Fabric Markers, Shop TULIP at the Arts, Crafts & Sewing store, Free Shipping on eligible items, Save on everyday low prices,Discount special sell store,save money with deals,Lowest online prices on the best brands! Fabric Markers Rainbow Tulip Watercolor, Tulip Watercolor Fabric Markers Rainbow.